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Weight loss is not equal to fat loss
Yo-yo Dieting
Healthy body composition | Yo-yo dieting
Many weight watchers experience a weight loss and weight gain cycle which Dr Kelly D. Brownell, Ph.D. from Yale University, called “Yo-yo dieting”. In “yoyo dieting” or weight cycling, weight watchers manage to achieve weight loss in the beginning but are unable to maintain the reduction, regaining the weight back after some time. They then start to lose the regained weight and the cycle begins again.

yo-yo dietThe causative factors of the “yo-yo” diet may vary although weight cycling is mainly attributed to an extreme diet plan also known as “crash diets”. When a diet plan calls for severe and drastic restriction of calorie intake such as skipping meals and even starvation, this may lead to the “yo-yo diet” effect.

There is an imbalance in nutrition when one practices unhealthy eating habits. As a result, your body adapts, like a response to a famine. The human body has a survival mechanism that slows down the body’s metabolism to keep energy as well as retain fat when starved.

Let’s take a closer look at the “yoyo diet”. At the beginning, there is weight loss when you take a drastic cut in calorie intake. After some time, your body will experience the effects of excessive dieting. Detrimental effects such as fatigue, stress and depression can take place. It would not take long for you to realise that the drastic cut in your daily calorie intake is no longer possible to maintain.
spacer The effort to maintain the diet plan becomes a struggle you will capitulate to as you revert to your previous eating habits. By losing the battle, you can rapidly regain the weight you lost initially and in some cases, the regain is even more than the weight lost. This will eventually result in the cyclic loss and gain in body weight as you try to lose the regained weight. This entire process is thus likened to the ups and downs of the cycling “yoyo”. It is, therefore, an accepted fact that taking drastic caloric restrictions can be detrimental physically as well as emotionally to the weight watchers.

Looking at the physiological level, “yo-yo dieting” can endanger your health. In your body’s starvation response, your severe caloric starvationrestriction may result in loss of both muscle and fats. Just as drastic as your diet, the extreme changes in your fat to muscle ratio may also lead to health complications.
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