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Weight Loss Is Not The Same As Fat Loss
Healthy body composition | Yo-yo dieting
loss weightWhether you lose 2 kilos or 20 kilos, the same law of physics applies. Remember the basic principle: your weight is determined by the amount of energy from the food you eat and the amount of energy you use in your daily activities. Your body weight remains constant when there is a balance between your energy intake and energy utilisation. When your calorie intake is greater than your utilisation, your body weight increases over time. The reverse applies for weight loss.

Lose fat, not just weight
There is one very important point to keep in mind - weight loss is not the same as fat loss! Weight loss, is after all, not just about reducing body weight; it may involve loss of fat, muscle or fluids. Without a properly planned weight management programme, your weight loss may end up cannibalising your body muscle.

To achieve a healthy body weight, your primary aim should be the loss of your body fat while preserving your muscles & fluids. In short, weight loss should ideally come from fat loss. This is where the concept of a “healthy body composition” is important. Your body composition is defined by the lean and fat tissues in your body, so obviously, your body composition determines your health.

Maintain your weight after fat loss
The main issues of weight loss are whether you managed to lose some weight, the speed with which you lost it and maintaining the weight you lost in the long-term. There is no such thing as an instant and miraculous weight loss solution. These solutions are often in the form of unsustainable fad or crash diets and sometimes use of unsafe supplements. So, try not to take short cuts with the aim of getting quick results with less effort.

Reducing calories can be an effective way to lose body fat if done correctly. workoutHowever, this needs to be complemented by a healthy and nutritional diet plan plus a regular workout programme.

spacer men and womenSome take a drastic cut in their daily calorie intake, which can be detrimental. Your body has a survival mechanism that slows down your body metabolism to keep energy as well as retain fat when starved. This may result in weight loss with only a reduction of muscle weight but not body fat. Now you know that your body fat does not simply melt away! Highly restrictive diets are difficult, if not impossible to maintain for a long time. These can cause mood changes, headaches, or hunger-pangs.

One major question is how do you get rid of fat? Losing excess body fat can be very difficult and for many it can be very frustrating. Most diets are not applicable for long-term fat loss, which aims at weight reduction rather than loss of body fat.

The food you have taken over 6 months makes up most of your body tissue. Your body recognizes your ‘fat set point’ as the body fat level that has been maintained for a particular period of time. Substantial time is needed to lower this set point.

Men and women are not equal, especially with regards to fat loss. Men do lose fat more easily than women due to hormonal differences. The testosterone levels of men are higher; this helps them to maintain more muscle mass. In the case of women, their hormonal system resists change in the body composition as a protective mechanism. This is the same mechanism that helps women conserve stored energy during pregnancy. Therefore, women lose fat slower than men. In addition, women have difficulty maintaining a low proportion of fat in their body.

Remember, since weight loss should ideally come from fat loss, a reliable fat burner will help kick start the fat loss process. An effective and safe fat burner, like Zenoctil™, serves as your weight/fat loss partner that will complement your healthy lifestyle.
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