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Getting a trim figure
Tips For Healthy Eating
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A perfect diet for one may not apply to another person. So what comprise the perfect diet? As everyone has different goals for the perfect diet, a healthy diet may be as simple as increasing the amount of fruit or vegetable intake or a radical change that involves strict control over fat & cholesterol. Although each individual has different goals, it is most important to eat a good variety of foods.

healthy dietAs there is no short cut to weight loss, a healthy eating plan is like a marathon, not a sprint. This means long term application and sustainability. Thus, make sure that your healthy eating plan is an enjoyable process as it entails lifelong changes and practical implementation.

However, the challenge is not in planning a healthy diet. Planning a healthy diet is not difficult. To apply proactively your healthy diet plan in daily life is the real challenge. There are temptations surrounding us and this will make it even more difficult to hold on to the healthy eating plan.

It is thus very important to keep sight of your goal- to attain if not to maintain a healthy weight. This will keep you going and your willpower will eventually turn that healthy diet plan to an eating habit. This healthy eating habit will eventually become a part of your healthy lifestyle.
The following pointers will serve as your guide to creating your very own healthy diet plan.

icon-tick Take pleasure in a selection of nutrient-rich foods
icon-tick Enjoy a good amount of wholegrain foods, fruits & vegetables
icon-tick Minimise your salt intake, take into account those found in seasonings too
icon-tick Eat moderately every mealtime
icon-tick Take meals regularly, this is a good habit to practice
icon-tick Know yourself, especially your own diet pitfalls ; you can improve your eating habits
icon-tick Try new recipes both for fun and for a healthier lifestyle
icon-tick Improve your recipes and drinks by replacing whole milk with skimmed milk
icon-tick Let go of your premium ice-cream; try sorbet or low fat frozen yoghurt instead
icon-tick Cook with non-fat cooking spray instead of butter & margarine
icon-tick Substitute high fat meat with lean meat
icon-tick Consume less red meat, take more fish which are low in fat
icon-tick Prepare your meals and bake using egg substitutes

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