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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Zenoctil TM
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1. What benefits will I derive from Zenoctil™?

Zenoctil™ is a non-drug formula that has a dual action on fats. Zenoctil™ promotes burning of stored body fat and supports the inhibition of excess fat storage. As a result, Zenoctil™ promotes a healthy and sustainable weight loss. In addition, Zenoctil™ also helps reduce stress related to dieting as Zenoctil™ has relaxation and alertness enhancing effects. Zenoctil™ also helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Zenoctil™, is clinically tested to reduce body weight, reduce abdominal girth or waist circumference and also helps to achieve a healthy BMI. In addition, Zenoctil™ also showed that it significantly improved body composition. Read the charts that summarise the results of the clinical study in this link: Zenoctil™, it’s clinically tested!

2. Is Zenoctil™ a drug?

Zenoctil™ is a non-drug formula. Zenoctil™ contains Xanitrol™, a natural and clinically tested proprietary compound. All the natural ingredients are from commonly used food sources. The unique and scientifically validated Xanitrol™ compound combines the essential bioactive components from Garcinia cambogia, Banaba, Green Tea and Green Coffee.

3. Why should I choose Zenoctil™ over other fat burners?

Zenoctil™ is a clinically tested fat burner formula that has a standardised quality and contains Xanitrol™. Zenoctil™ has established efficacy and safety profiles for its scientifically validated ingredients.

4. Why is a clinical study for a fat burner formula, such as Zenoctil™, important?

Not all fat burner formulas are created equal!

Clinical studies are important as they serve as scientific evidence to prove the efficacy and safety of the product. As you are not taking individual ingredients separately, it is essential that a formula has evidence that it works as a whole. In fact, ingredients may not work effectively together if they are not formulated properly. The same goes with the safety evaluation of the product. In the case of Zenoctil™, it has undergone clinical evaluation to prove its efficacy and safety.

Furthermore, formulas need to be validated to ensure that your body absorbs an appropriate amount at the right time to achieve the desired effect. Thus, it is important to follow the dosage and administration guide of a product.

5. Will I suffer from any harmful side effect or treatment effect?

The safety profile of Zenoctil™ is established.

Xanitrol™ in Zenoctil™ is derived from natural sources, which are from commonly used food sources. This adds to the safety aspect of the product. Nevertheless, the double blind clinical study on Xanitrol™ confirms that Zenoctil™ is well tolerated with no harmful side effects.

Furthermore, unlike other weight loss drugs, Zenoctil™ does not contain ephedra or its (ephedra) equivalent. Ephedra-containing dietary supplements are known to have a high rate of serious side effects and ephedra-related deaths.

6. Will I feel too weak to work out if I lose fat with Zenoctil™?

On the contrary, most people feel light and more active when they lose excess weight/fat.

Furthermore, with Zenoctil™, your metabolic rate will increase and your energy levels will correspondingly increase. In addition, Zenoctil™ also contains L-Theanine from Green Tea extracts. L-Theanine promotes relaxation and alertness.

7. Do I need to restrict my food intake and follow a strict diet regime?

With smart meal planning, you can still enjoy a considerable amount of healthy yet hearty meals with as much flexibility as you like. There are many healthy food choices that are low in fat or calories. You can even savour meals and snacks that are full of flavour every day. Do remember, if you manage your food intake well, you achieve your goals faster. Commit to your weight management plan and you determine your success rate.

Zenoctil™, as your fat loss partner, will help you boost the burning of fat stored in your body. Zenoctil™ also supports the inhibition of excess fat storage, so the excess fat from your meal is not stored. On top of these, your appetite and food cravings will also be reduced. These mean less fat or calories for your body to store. In short, fat loss!

8. How is the quality of Zenoctil™ maintained?

Zenoctil™ is manufactured in adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment, thorough quality control processes and stringent hygiene procedures ensure that the quality of Zenoctil™ is maintained.

In addition, the raw materials used are of the highest standardised potency available today. The superior grade of the raw materials is of unmatched quality, which is the result of a unique proprietary extraction process. This high standard assures high purity, which means the absence of contaminants.

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